Our Values
Discipleship, Generosity, and Community

We believe that in order for the Church to be effective in the Kingdom of God, it has to be built on discipleship, generosity, and community.  

We believe in living a life that reflects Jesus's teachings.

Accepting Christ is the first step in our Christian faith, but it does not end there.  We believe that salvation is you answering the call to live a life of discipleship.  It is not just about learning and hearing the word, it is about applying the teachings and wisdom of Jesus to our daily lives.  The transformation of salvation changes you into a living proclamation of the Gospel.

We believe in living a selfless life.

The world teaches us to live with a scarcity mindset that leads us to hold tightly to our time, energy, money, and possessions.  However,  God has entrusted us to manage the world and all of its resources through His wisdom and love.  When we adopt God's mindset of abundance and begin to live selflessly, we find that there is always enough for everyone.  Living generously means sharing what we know, what we have, and who we are with those around us.  

We believe in growing together.

We are connected through our shared love of God and our commitment to live as His hands and feet on this Earth.  As we personally grow as disciples in our knowledge and love of God and begin to live generously with those around us, we naturally grow together as the body of Christ.